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Hey Scent Lovers just wanted to share a few things about self love. It’s the holiday season for many and I know you want to make sure others have things that they would want as your way to show you love them. When was the last time you got yourself something to show you love you too? How often do we put other’s wants before ours? Is it really being selfish to get ourselves something a few times and nothing for no one else. In my opinion NO! You have to satisfy you and love you before loving others the way they want to be loved. 

Now don’t get me wrong it’s nothing wrong with getting our loved ones anything but if you’re not getting yourself anything something that’s a problem. Something that I’ve recently been doing is investing in skin care products and home decor items(which I love). I don’t care if I spend 3-4 hrs in At Home or Home Goods to get 1 item, a few or nothing at all the time I spent was me learning and doing what I like to do and having some alone time. Which brings me to my next question. 

How often do we get alone time and really learn who we are as a person and not try to be someone others want us to be? I love love alone time. I like to get snacks and scroll online or watch a really good movie, write in my notebook of all the things I want to accomplish, the list goes on. It feels good to just be in quietness or go shopping alone. 

At some point in life you have to give yourself the love and things you’re giving others or you won’t have much left to give but frustration. Trust me I’ve been there and it’s like I had to realize I matter and I have things I like and want. Let me do them and not care what anyone think.  So love you more and in different ways. In return you’ll be able to love others even more.

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